"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails." ~John Maxwell

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long 4 day weekend

Confession time:  I have been a very bad girl; Eating pretty darn near anything I want for the last 4 days.  Did I enjoy the time off, yes, am I ready for things to get back to normal, yes!  (Diet wise) 
I did maintain my training schedule though, and am even a day ahead.  My girls are keeping me RUNNING, busy, busy, busy.  Between their schedules and mine our house is a crazy house, but thank you Jesus we have schedules and problems to solve and things to get into, because the alternative is unimaginable.

Oh, and I did the integrated conditioning workout again Saturday and was quite proud of myself and how I was able to get through it.  (Meant to video it, but forget the Flip)

If your Tuesday has been as crazy as mine then I wish you a relaxing evening!  Maybe I can get one tomorrow.  :)
More later, I promise!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

In the gym this morning

Keeping on moving.  Enjoying my gym time lately.  Diet is decent, but could use improvement.  Yoga class on Thursday night was great.  The girls loved it too, so it will be a keeper.

Have a great Memorail Day weekend!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Guys, I AM reading your posts, and several I want to comment on, but Blogger is still screwed up.  So I am still here, just "quiet".
Keep posting!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


UGH!!!!!!  I am having nothing but trouble posting comments.  I love to comment on your posts, but the system is making me sign in my google account, then telling me my post is anonymous, then not even posting my comment.  If anyone has any advise on this PLEASE pass it along.


Keeping touch

Hey guys, just want to check in.  :)  Things have been busy lately or rather more so than normal.  My oldest daughter, Cierra, is out of school right now and finishing up Dixie softball and my youngest, Hannah, is still in school this week and busy as always.  Hopefully next week we will all be on a better schedule.

My workouts are going well.  I am keeping it the same, switching it up, adding here, taking away there, definitely keeping my body in a constant state of guess.  Love it!!!  I am still playing with the Workouts of the Week as posted on Muscleandfitnesshers.com, but my split is a bit different.  Diet wise I changed it up again this week, still trying to find what works best for my body during this phase.  For now I am doing 5 meals a day as follows:
Protein + carb
Protein + veggie
Protein + fat
Double protien
Still giving myself a cheat during the week and pretty much eating like I want on Saturday and Sunday.  I am concerned with how my body is becoming less and less tolerant of carbs, so I am going to try this weekend to add in more of the healthy carbs.  I had given some of them up a while back, so I think maybe by eating them in small amounts my body might "handle" them better.  (My own reintroduce theory, not backed by science or any research, just a hunch on my part)  All in all trying to prep for my mass building phase coming this August.  Need to have more carbs for those heavy lift days.  :0)

Also, my plan for Saturday morning is more of Ms. Emily Sterling's IC workout, so I hope to video the Plyo portion for you guys.

Have a great Hump day!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I finally got the video of Saturday's workout posted.  It only shows the 1st part of the workout, not the plyo part as the battery went out. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Integrated Conditioning

Hey guys, I recorded some of my workout this morning and I am trying desperately to get it on here somehow.  Hopefully I will be able to share it.

I changed it up just a bit this morning.  Normally Saturday mornings are PLYO days for me.  I enjoy it alot!  BUT today I decided to try Emily Sterling's Integrated Conditioning workout.  It was great!

Here is how it went:
Walking lunges with BB (to warm up, I did about 65ish)
3 X through these:
BB squat press (15)
Single leg DL w/ bicep curl (10 each leg)
Curtsy lunge w/one arm shoulder press (20)
Deadrow (deadlift with bent over BB row) (15-20)
Med Ball push up & knee tuck (12)
Loved the exercises as they are not something I would normally do.  So change up was nice.  If I get the video loaded you will see I videoed my1st time through on these and because I am not used to the motion, I was quite clumsy.  But by the 2nd set it was fun.

Then she adds a PLYO set.  These were good and I tried to stick to her timing, but I will admit, it was tough and I may have rested a few more seconds than I was supposed to.
3 X though 30 seconds on with no rest till end then 15 sec rest before going again.  I did reps instead of 30 sec on each exercise to make sure I got them in because it is too tough to watch my own time and workout.
Jump lunge (16)
skaters (20)
Bosu squats (15)
Resistance band around lower thigh side squats (14 each leg)
Box jumps (15)
Loved it again.  I think next time I will really push not to take any breather between exercises.  You will have to watch her video to get the explanation.

Follow up with 15 minutes on Stepmill and 15 minutes on elliptical.

Otherwise another great Saturday workout!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday's workout (Shoulders, Chest/ tri's)

OK still trying to make up for missing Chest/tri's the other day, so today is the day!

I will do a repeat of Erin's shoulder routine followed by:
MY Wimpy Chest/Tri workout:  (Still having to baby the hand somewhat)  :)
Flat bench DB press 3 X 10
Inc. DB fly or press 3 X 10
Peck Deck 3 X 10
Pushups (decline) 3 X to failure
Overhead rope ext 3 X 10
Weighted bench dips 3 X 12

Just need to get this off my chest.......yesterday I had a few guys in my gym talk to me about competing this year...STILL.  Let me start by saying I know everyone competes or wants to compete for different reasons and they are very personal reasons.  I decided not to compete this year only after I realized there was NO way I could "win" any competition this year.  By winnig, for me I consider that the top 5.  One I do not have the size, two I just put DB's in my hand last week, third GOSH come on seriously there is no way I could "win" with everything that has happened.  Don't make me cuss here.....when you do not work your upper body for 8-EIGHT- weeks you lose size, muscle defination, and strength.  Why on earth would you encourage someone to step on stage to lose???  I get the whole do it for experience thing, but again seriously, don't you think that is quite an expensive experience???  I can promise you, NO ONE was more upset or hurt when I realized there would be no way for me to compete this year.  I cried, guys I had trained for 11 weeks at that point, so please quit talking to me about this when I see you in the gym.  I have my game plan for next year and feel I will do well with it. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Amanda Latona's Kick-Butt Workout!

Today's workout: I did.....

Leg press with feet together: 3 sets of 20 reps  3 X 20
2.) Lunges on the smith machine: 3 sets of 15 reps  3 X 15 each leg
3.) Dumbbell squats super-set with dumbbell step ups: 3 sets of 20 reps (each
exercise3 X 20
Whoops I skipped # 4 (Reverse lunges)
5.) Hack squats: 3 sets of 12/15/20 reps with 3 rest pauses at last set (pause for 3 seconds when you can’t do anymore, then do a few more reps)  I did
6.) Jump lunges: 3 sets of 15 per leg (my legs were fried here I usually do 30 though on separate plyo day) 3 X 10 per leg
7.) Leg extensions: 3 sets of 20 reps with drop set on last set 
I must have been brain fried because I forgot to do the drop set but did do 3 X 20
Then standing claves 3 X 10

I am really enjoying being able to work more specific body parts again other than legs.  My diet has been about 80% good as I posted last time (generally a cheat night during the week, and Saturday and Sunday very relaxed).  With my height at 5'8.5" I am weighing on average about 138-140lbs now.  Before I broke my hand and I was dieting 100% at 9 weeks out from my contest I was weighing in at about 134lbs, so I am happy with where I am for my diet being what it is and my cardio averaging about 2 hours/week.  Still in the mindset of staying bikini ready for the Summer and starting in August/September going into full blown off season prep.  Hopefully if all goes as I want, I plan to stay within 15 lbs of my contest weight (guessing about 125lbs).  So, to stay right about where I am now.

Goodnight ladies! and gentlemen.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Heidi Klum or Erin Stern

Someone told me the other day they had joined a gym, been going to workout, and wanted to look like Heidi Klum by next Summer.  I didn't really respond because I did not think that person would like my answer, so I left it alone.  One, do not get me wrong- Heidi Klum is a GORGEOUS woman.  Just about anyone would recognize a picture of her as she has made quite a name for herself.  AND I give serious props to her for getting her body back in shape after giving birth, but when we were sitting at the table and she came up, my first thought was I have never wanted to look like her, or at least not in the body, maybe in the face, but not the body.  :) 

My thoughts have always been that it takes/requires very little action to be "skinny".  Skinny women are not attractive to me or rather as attractive as fit women.  Strong is the new sexy, and this is something I try desperately to instill in my own daughters.  The word "skinny" implies to me very little effort, starvation, weak, and unmotivated.  (Not that Heidi is any of those, please do not take this wrong, I am simply using her body type as an example)  When I see a woman with ab detail, delts popping, quads sweeping, and calves it makes me think of all the work and effort it took to make that happen.  The diet, workouts, and cardio. I can not help but to think it is beautiful.  Much more beautiful than skinny arms with no detail, a flat stomach with hip bones protruding,  tooth pick legs, and zero muscle definition.  

Just my opinion.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arnold & Maria (the post Blogger deleted days ago showed back up)

So when I heard the news I think I was as shocked as everyone.  Some cupples you think are fixed in stone no matter what the problems and they will not ever divorce. 

As you all know if you have followed me for any time, I have been crushing on Arnold since I was 15 years old.  This is how I will always see him:

Well I must admit when I heard the news I imediately called Harley and told him we were over.  Stated simply that he has known about my "thing" for Arnold since we met and now that Arnold was on the market I was going to have to end our love affair.  :)  He laughed at me and told me Arnold was a grandpa.  :(

So I said OK until Arnold comes knocking on my door we can stay together.  I think Harley thinks that will never happen, I've got news for him!

Seriously though, it does kind of bother me about the split.  I hate to see people stay married 25 years and then breakup.  It is sad.  Surely they both have their reasons and it seems like they are going to maintain their class during this ordeal which is admirable of any couple in the spotlight.  Hopefully no trash will come out and both can go their own way without ruining eachother's lives.

Glutes and Hamstrings with Felicia Romero

Another great workout!  Definately delivered.  Here is what I did. 

Hamstrings & Glutes
1-a. Lying leg curl: 3 sets of 15 reps  3 X 15
1-b. Reverse lunges (lunge in place, stepping backwards, and alternate each leg; holding 10 lb db): 3 sets of 15 reps/leg 
   3 X 15/leg I used 15's

2. Single legged squat on smith machine: 3 sets of 15 reps per leg  I completed one set on the SM could not get the movement right, so I finished the last 2 sets with single leg squats off a bench.
3-a. Seated leg curl: 3 sets of 15 reps  3 X 15
3-b. Step ups onto bench: 3 sets of 15 reps per leg (perform one leg at a time and make sure to squeeze glutes when stepping up)
  3 X 15, 12, 10 using weights was kicking my rear

4-a. Glute kickback machine (make sure you are feeling in the glute-push thru the heel: 3 sets of 20 reps  3 X 20
4-b.Side shuffles with resistance around ankle: (keep butt down in squat position and side shuffle down and back - shoulders back and butt stays down): 15 steps per side for 3 sets

5. Deadlifts: 3 sets of 20 reps  one set was DB stiff leg DL (1 X 20) then just to see if I could do it I did the last 2 sets with the bar  (2 X 15)

Have a great Tuesday!  I have a little one home sick, so we are off to the Dr's office.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Emily Sterling 2X WBFF Figure Champion

Hey guys, I found this competitor, guess I have been under a rock as far as knowing about her, but now that I am in the know, I am so glad I found her.  I watched some of her workouts on youtube and LOVE the way she works out.  As I am one who CONSTANTLY looks for "different" exercises and such, she really impressed me with her workouts.  Take a look at some of her videos on youtube when you get a chance.

Here is one I enjoyed:

Friday, May 13, 2011

Shoulders with Erin and Legs with Ava

Today was shoulders with Miss Erin:

Seated shoulder press on SM 3 X 8
Standing front raises on cable w straight bar 3 X 10
Seated DB laterals 3 X 10
Upright row w ez bar 3 X 10
Rear delts w lying on incline bench face down 3 X 10
Legs with Miss Ava:
(This has to be the WORST picture of her ever!  What M&F Hers could not find a better one?)
BB squats 3 X 12, 10, 10 (I broke my vow to NEVER bb squat again just to do this workout)
5 minutes cardio (All 5 min cardio was incline tread)
Hack squats 3 X 15 last set to failure which was 25 for me
5 min cardio
Leg ext 3 X 10, 10, 10 last set to failure dropping half the weight 3 times
Walking lunges 3 X length of gym (was supposed to ss with ext, I forgot, did them after ext)
5 min cardio
Stiff leg DL 3 X 10 (was using 60lb DB b4 the accident so now with 20's feels like I am not even working, but that is about all my hand can stand)
Lying leg curls 3 X 10 last set to failure which was 13 for me
25 box jumps
Standing calf raises 2 X 10 (Just could not get in a 3rd set, my whole body was SHOT)

Well I must say both ladies delivered.  Both workouts are beast in themselves, much less doing them back to back.  I had to do them that way to make up for not working out Wednesday night.  I am still not caught up on my cardio Will Do, no MUST do in the morning. 


Thursday's workout

Let me say I am LOVING that I am able to work more upper body!  (My poor legs needed a break after 8 weeks) 
Anywho, yesterday was Chest/Bi/ Tri's plus cardio:
30 min incline tread
Wide grip HS chest 3 X 12
Incline DB press 3 X 15 this is the 1st time I have had a DB in my hand since the break, could only stand 15lbs since anything heavier hurt to bad, but it is a start.  (Was doing 30 and 35lb db before the accident)
Peck deck 3 X 12, 10, 10
Hammer curls 3 X 10
Cable bar curls 3 X 10
Cable rope ext. 3 X 10
Bench dips 3 X 12
Then 25 minutes in elliptical.  Debated doing a yoga class, but had to get home for children to study, eat, and IDOL.  I am almost caught up on my "missed" cardio for the week.  Hoping to knock a little more of it out tonight and the rest in the morning.

Tonight legs and shoulders if my body will hold up and tomorrow is PLYO & tire flipping.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nicole Wilkins Lee workout of the week

Yesterday I decided to try some to the workouts of the week from the muscleandfitnesshers.com site.  This is the 1st week since breaking my hand that I am splitting my upper body down into different days again.  My hand is still not healed, still hurts and of course I am not near as strong upper body wise as I was before since I have had 7 weeks of no exercise.  :(

This is Nicole's WO of the week as outlined on the site:  How it went for me is in whatever color this is
1. wide grip pullup (use assisted chin/dip if necessary): 3 sets of 10 reps
  Yes I used assisted 3 X 10

2. reverse grip T-bar row: 3 sets of 12 reps  Could NOT do reverse grip, used regular grip 3 X 10
3. one arm seated cable row with neutral grip: 3 sets of 15 reps (each arm) Liked!  3 X 15
4. close grip pulldowns: 3 sets of 12 reps  A fav of mine 3 X 12, 10, 10
5. dumbbell pullovers: 3 sets of 15 reps  Did not do as even a 25 lb DB hurt in my hand
6. pull-ups neutral grip to failure each set: 3 sets of as many as you can do!  Hand shot by this time a no go
1-a. straight leg lifts on roman chair: 3 sets of 15
  2 X 15 ---Superset with
1-b. tuckups on each side on roman chair: 10 immediately after each set of leg lifts
  2 X 10

2. situps on decline bench: 3 sets of 25 reps  2 X 15, 10
3. plank hold on elbows with (30sec with right leg off floor, 30sec with left leg off floor) rest 30 sec between sets: 3 x 1min (as directed)  DID

I liked the workout.  It was nice to finally work back even if I had to go much lighter.  Looking forward to the other 2 workouts posted; shoulders with Erin, and legs with Ava. 
Diet was good yesterday.  Taking it one day at a time.  I figure I am maintaining competition diet 80% of the time even though I am not competing this year.  That is something I can live with for now.

Have a great Hump Day!  Keeping pumping!!!  :)


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Diet and Exercise

Since my last post, Friday, I worked out on Saturday;  30 min stepmill, plyo and old fashioned tire flipping, Sunday is now my day off, so I did not workout or diet at all :0)....yesterday I stuck to my diet during the day worked out legs heavy then got hit with some very hard to hear personal news that completely rocked me to the core and had a HUGE chocolate binge.  Most of the time I would feel bad after such a binge, but honestly I have no bad feelings about it.  It was something I wanted for whatever sad reason so I did and now today I move on. 
One thing I am feeling bad/guilty about is not getting my cardio time in.  Lately I do not want to get up earlier and go do it.  Only me to blame, just have to GIT R DONE! 
Today I am going to do back & abs plus cardio.  For back I have found I can do most of the exercises I was doing, just no where near as heavy on weights.

Just found this.......Workout of the week posted by muscleandfitnesshers.com

I think I may try some of these this week and let you know how they go.  May have to modify for my hand, but will see.
Take care and keep it up!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Happy Mother's Day to you guys!  I am looking forward to my weekend, in particular this evening.  After work I plan to finish a project of mine, a Mother's Day present to myself.  I am refinishing a dresser I bought, when I am done I will post the pics. 

Yesterday's workout was a run/walk through part of my neighborhood. 

It is a very scenic place to run.  This is a picture of the 1st leg of the run.  My phone camera is making everything look blue.  I am gong to try to take more pics of the path later, I think you would enjoy. 

So back to the point....yesterday's workout was a 3 mile run/walk.  It took me 30 minutes to do, but keep in mind I am not a runner by any means.  I enjoy it when I want to do it, but the urge does not come on often.  My path has a slightly wooded area.  Very off the beaten path sort, kind of sneaks up on you if you haven't been through the area before.  With me being such a HUGE chicken, I play all big and bad but I am really a scardie, I had to stop right on the brink of the woods, take a few deep breaths and run like I stole it!  Let's just say momma was not stopping in middle of the woods for nothing!  (Even if it is beautiful)  No stopping to smell the roses here.  That part of the run is about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile not real sure, but I promise you it feels much farther than that. 

Well I made it through and home.  My daughter took one look at me and kept asking if i was OK, if I hurt myself, was my hand hurting, etc....I guess the last time I went out for a little exercise I came back home with a broken hand and so she was a little scared for me too.  I say that because I want you guys to know I had to think long and hard before I went outside to run by myself.  It was a struggle not to go to the gym and get on the treadmill.......something about once you get thrown off the horse you have to get back on.  (Still not on roller blades, but I figure I will take baby steps)

Tomorrow is PLYO, step mill, and tire flipping!  LOVE that workout!!!

Have a great Mother's Day weekend you guys!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


This week has been a struggle for me with my diet.  As my week starts on Sunday and normally Sunday is my "cheat" I thought I had held back fairly well, but apparently went overboard.  Monday I was a Good girl, Tuesday I had a small slip with a couple pieces of chocolate and a bowl of fiber cereal.  Wednesday was perfection and today will be perfection again.  Eventually my body will not be able to tolerate any wheat, grains, etc...as it has just about gotten there now.  Even the slightest bit and I pay dearly for the next few days with GI problems.  Anyone else have this issue?  And I know this sounds crazy to ask, like what do you do, but really, what do you do?  I feel like taking sweet potatoes, oats, brown rice, etc out of my diet is not good, but I don't know what else to do.  My diet now consists of CHICKEN, asparagus (lots), nat peanut butter, egg beaters, protein powder and occasional cashews or almonds.  Please advise.

Training has been good and bad this week.  Good because I have had some great leg workouts and one upper body workout.  The upper body workout is still not quite right, but I am going to try to find time today to redo my split and make it better.  Cardio has been way down this week.  I was doing cardio 45 min 6 days a week.  Well now that I am not going to compete I feel that is a bit much, but I still want to maintain bikini-liciousness throughout the summer.  Going to have to find a balance there.  Another one to work one.

Sorry I have to keep this one short.  Work has been very busy and home life never stops.

Now I leave you with this:


Monday, May 2, 2011

Great leg pump

So for those of you who don't know, I LOVE me some PLYOS.  Always enjoy my Saturday morning PLYO routine.  Well this past Saturday after my plyo workout, I decided to go outside with Harley and flip the "girlie" tire.  Felt good to move something big around.  Little did I know flipping tires will kill my wrists and forearms, not to mention hip flexer and top of quads.  Ton of fun!  What could be more fun than Plyos?  How about my second love, heavy weights!!!  For today, I decded to mix it up a little.  It turned into a thing of beauty.  No rest between any of the ss.

Leg press machine ss
high step ups w kickback 4 X 15
Standing leg curl 4 X 10 ss
Jump squats (really reaching for the sky) 4 X 15
seated leg curl 4 X 10 ss
Very deep walking lunges with a pulse for 2 at the bottom of each
(Ok at this point I had to walk downstaris to finish on the equipment down there, my legs were seriously pumped, Perfect!)
Leg ext 4 X 10 ss
Stiff leg deadlft  4 X 15  (OK I know this is not a plyo move but it has been killing me to find out if I could do this with my wrist wraps and if it would hurt.  Yes, it did slightly, but I sucked it up and did it anyway)

Was a fun workout and felt productive.  Tomorrow is CRAZY as far as playing catch up on my cardio, AM workout with therapist, and PM workout on my own, no telling what I may try next.  Seriously I feel like a kid in a candy store. 

Have a great night ladies!

What have you done to get your fit on?  Please share with me your favorite PLYO move.  I am always looking for more to play with.  :)