"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails." ~John Maxwell

Friday, August 31, 2012

No News Is Good News

I pulled up Blogspot the other day while sitting on the couch with Harley and I looked at him and said, "it seems like I never blog anymore, I just don't feel like anything has changed enough to blog about".  I am not getting ready for a competition, I am not dieting drastically, I am not doing heavy research into any one topic, I am just doing.....

As I am sure you have heard here in Louisiana we have been dealing with Hurricane Isaac all week.  Thankfully, I am far enough inland that I was not affected like the ones further south.  Please pray for those who have lost their homes and businesses yet again. 

Even with the Hurricane going on, I have not missed a workout all week and have even put in a little cardio time.  Which gets me to my point, sometimes NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS.  My path to my goal is getting well beaten down, I keep my head down and plow away.  My workouts are on track, my cardio is better, and my diet is what is to be expected---clean for the most part with a poptart in the evening.  :)  Yea, I know I can do without my poptart, but I am enjoying it.  (For now) 

All of my poptarts aside, I am still making gains.  I took these this morning right after I woke up, so no food, no weights.  My back is coming along nicely and my arms are making huge leaps, so I am a happy woman!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Week or so in Pictures

My, oh my, how I learn!

Sometimes we need a reminder.

As a mom, this is how I feel sometimes....

For my daughters, may you always remember this!

Sometimes we get pretty bogged down and forget this very simple thing...

I printed this one and hung it near my desk as a constant reminder.

There are no excuses like no excuses.

Run baby, Run!


The 2nd to last was an eye opener for me, enjoy!

Not much to report here that I would report here.  (That is why I do the pictures, just FYI)  Somethings we all deal with that are too personal to put on a public forum.....I am no different.  I haven't blogged much, no excuses!  As far as my fitness journey, all is well.  I am working out most weeks 6 days, never less than 5.  My diet has been a bit of a struggle, well no struggle, I choose to eat what I am eating right now.  One thing I have learned is to not expect the results with the work you are not putting in.  While my diet is far cleaner than the Average Jane, I don't consider myself an Average Jane, so therefore it is not up to par.  Honestly, I don't know how long I will keep on this pace, we'll see.  I already know the next step, need to pull the trigger. 

On the flip side, as all of you mom's know school is back in.  I am in a bit of post summer depression-missing my time with my babies.  They are growing up so fast, I know that is a HUGE cliche, but trust me all you parents of young ones, it is so true!  Here is my senior and freshman....

Cierra, my senior!  (moms, do I need to say more?)
Just yesterday I was taking her to Pre-K....

Just took this one of her the other day when she got caught doing a rain dance, I love it when she smiles for real, so beautiful!

Hannah, my freshman!  (She is wearing cat woman converse)  :)

I took this one when she took me to see Step Up Revolution....just the two of us
She is so much prettier than she knows.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Saturday Core Workout

I am a little hesitant to post this workout because without pictures alot of this may not make any sense.  The best way to advise you is to look on YouTube for videos as I found most of these moves there.

(Inside) 2 X 15 ea way:
Circular balls (take weighted ball and draw a circle in front of your body)
Rocky solo (russian twist, except you pass the ball behind your back one way then reach the other way to pull ot back in fornt of you)
Toe Touch
Sit up ball toss
V Up w ball
Gorilla Swing 1 (DB in ea hand do the running man keeping entire lower body still/steady)
Gorilla Swing 2 (Hold DB at shoulder height and twist to each side keeping hips facing forward)
Gorilla Swing 3 (Raise DB overhead and lower just until you feel your abs contract, right about belly button level, repeat)

(Outside) 2 X 15 ea
Side Wall Ball Throws (Turn your side to the wall and throw weighted ball up againsgt the wall, catch, and throw again)
Wall Ball Throws (Facing wall throw ball high on wall, catch, and throw again)
Ball Slam (Put ball overhead and slam it into the ground as hard as you can while contracting your abs)

(Outback) 4 rounds with little to no rest
7 tire filps
10 box jumps on the tire
7 tire flips
20 sledge hammers to tire

Complete sweat fest and just what I needed.  It starts slow, builds up, and then explodes your heartrate through the roof!  Love it!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Last Saturday morning workout

Yes, I know I am a little late posting this, but better late than never.  I have had several people asking me for workouts and diet advise over the last couple of weeks.  While I have been good about posting on Facebook, Crystal Holden, I have not been so good about getting them out on here.  (I will try to do better) 

Every Saturday morning I open up my workout to anyone who wants to come join in.  People ask if I teach, my answer is "no".  This is my workout, tailored mostly to me, although I do show modifications for those who may need them.  Every two weeks I change up the workout, so it doesn't get boring and continues to challenge me and the others. 

This is last weeks workout (which a couple said was a much more watered down version of what we normally do)---
3 X 10 of the following
Standing BB Shoulder Press
BB Squats
Hardly no rest in between exercises, but a rest after each full set.
Then, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 10 reps of
DB Squats & Kettlebell Swings
(on this last one everyone moves at their own pace till finished)
Followed by 4 sets of Abs and 15 min of cardio of choice.......

I am so proud of those who were there.  They really are doing so well to hang in there.

And yep, we did some planks......  Gotta love them!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Friday on Thursday

I pray my babies read this and it sinks in......

Lots of times we think we "deserve" _______.  Do we?  Even if we work hard, somethings are just not possible at this time. 

Whoever said Life was Easy?

And giving up and backing away is not an option.  Ever!

Whats your excuse again?

Jesus, please help me! 
(This has been the prayer on my lips so many times in so many situations)

I try to be better, do better, live better........be the best I can be for those I love the most. 
I hope they see it and that it is enough.