"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails." ~John Maxwell

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Whatever, Whenever, Wherever...

I have so much I want to share with you guys, and since these "speak" to me, I hope they will help convey all I want to express...

My love of yoga grows each week.  I am up to 3 yoga sessions per week and hope to fit in more.  Yoga to me is spiritual, but also, mentally and physically challenging, stretching me to my limits making me a better person.  It has Improved my day to day life in all areas such as; my lifts, runs, work, home life, etc...  I have my very 1st private session planned this Saturday and can not wait!   

Do you find yourself affected by those around you?  When affected how long does it take for you to "get over it and move on"?  I realize work situations may have to be excluded from this, but outside of work who do you allow in your inner circle?  Those people have the ability to affect you in a positive or negative way.  Choose those people wisely.
"Have no friends not equal to yourself."  ~Confucius

During a run this hit home for me.  When I go to the trails to run, I have a mileage set in my mind as the goal for the run.  Twice now, I have failed to do what I set out to do.  Both times, I beat myself up.  In the grand scheme of how many miles I will run though out my life, it doesn't matter if a few of those steps aren't perfect.  As long as one foot falls in front of the other, it is my mile.
Update:  Yesterday I ran 5 1/2 miles on a hilly trail.  We ran nonstop.  1st mile was a 9 minute mile, the first 3 miles averaged 9:15 pace, the whole run we averaged right at 10:00 mile pace.  Great run!
Lo Que Sea, Cuando Sea, Donde ~ Whatever, Whenever, Wherever.
What a moto!  This is the moto of the 7th SFG (Airborne).  Stop and think about that...  I have always said I want to big and bad enough to whatever I want.  Those guys make it a way of life and follow through.  With the up most respect & praise, True Badass Beasts!  Thank you sir for everything...

Scenery from my latest ruck...

Same ruck...
I can't imagine not having this in my life.

On a personal note, at 37, I feel fortunate to still be learning who I am and changing to become who I hope to be.  Isn't it when you quit learning/growing your life will cease?  I am learning to produce my own happiness.  I cannot allow someone else to be in charge of this for me.  Allow others to "add" to your life, but don't depend on them.  Find what makes you happy & go out and do it.

I am reading/learning as much as I can on how to improve the body through proper diet.  Getting quite obsessed with my body being "clean" of all impurities.  This is extremely interesting to me.  Nothing to do, but to do it!
One of my personal goals is to affect those I come in contact with in a positive manner.  To leave a mark on someone's life in such a way to have changed them forever.  I want to share all I know with others and be the one who inspired them to be a better person.  To leave this place better than how I found it.    
"Man is a goal seeking animal.  His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals."  ~Aristotle
"Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it."  ~Danny Kaye
"It is not true that nice guys finish last.  Nice guys are winners before the game even starts."  ~Addison Walker