"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails." ~John Maxwell

Friday, February 24, 2012

Why to never date a trainer

So last night was leg day for me.  I am feeling like crud because I chose to make it a zero carb day, yes, my own craziness coming out, I know.  Long and short is had a great leg workout, followed by a good crossfit class, could have lived perfectly well without the burpees or the kettle bell swings, but that is another topic altogether.  Got home, Harley came over, we are sitting on the couch and I look at him and say, "Guess what?  I did 9 plates on the leg press today!"  (All excited like, because I did reps with them, not just singles)  Without missing a beat, Harley looks over at me and says, "9 on each side?".  UGH!!!  Men, trainers!!  Nothing you do is EVER good enough!  The conversation ended with me pounding on him.  WTHeck!  Can't I have just a smidgen of praise, like "Atta girl!", "Good job", yea, no of that when you date a trainer.  Beware ladies.  :)

How I felt last night whether I looked like it or not!

Haha, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I miss you guys!

Life has been happening down my way as I am sure it has for you too.  Car repairs, 1st school dances, softball games, etc....  I used to pray for a boring life.  Now I just pray.  :)  I have so much to share with no time so I am going to keep it short and to the point.
I am on week 8 of a 12 week training program to build strength and some size.  It is delivering well as advertised.  Maybe I will post pics when I am done.  So, I am working out heavy 5 days a week and starting last week I am also doing 3 nights of crossfit too.  LOVE IT!!!!  The worst so far is absolutely the 64 burpees last Saturday.  I love that my heart rate is through the roof, I am working muscle and cardio at the same time, and I am pushed way past my normal comfort range. 

Food for thought:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Blessings in Love

So blessed for a healthy family.

My sweet babies, I love you very much!

For all the sweet lil' notes through the years, you guys will never know how much each one touched my heart.

My Harley, I love you and am so glad you decided to take this ride with me.

You all love me no matter and that's all I need to know.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Simply Shredded Dot Com

Check this out if you haven't seen already SimplyShredded.com "The Ultimate Female Training".

I just found their site about 2 days ago and have not been able to look at it as much as I would like, but so far the information has been excellent.

Love this pic from their site:

Monday, February 6, 2012

Decision time

For the last few months or so, I have been lifting more with an intent to add muscle.  Then I found the Y3T 12 week workout in Flex mag and I will be starting week 6 today.  My dilemma is that I feel like I want to be cutting now.  Not anything my head is telling me, but my body.  (I still have 7 more weeks of a bulking workout to do)  I am torn between continuing to eat more and therefore be able to lift heavier, or start back with some cardio and cutting my diet down therefore possibly forgoing any more muscle size I might have been able to put on...........UGH!! 
I had hoped for it to just 'hit" me as I typed this, but NOPE still clueless as to what I should do.  I have noticed some nice changes and had hoped to continue to see some more before cutting.
OK after pulling out the handy calendar.....it looks like I could continue to keep my diet up till March 26th, maybe add in 3 days of cardio a week, and continue my heavy lifting.  Then once I am done with my 12 week cycle, I could add another cardio or two and start cutting my diet back slowly till I get the look I am after. 

I think I might have a winner!  :)