"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails." ~John Maxwell

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I just had to post this:

Thank you Ms. Ashley over at Live, Love, & Lift for sending it to me!  You are the BEST!  <3 Ya!

On an aside, I am about to go to Chiropractor # 3 in hopes of any answer other than injections, but do have an appointment with a Physical Medicine "injection" Doc July 1st if all else fails.  I am still working out in some form or fashion 6-7 days a week and getting after my diet.  My weight is holding steady, which is very frustrating, but not something I am letting control me bc of my physical state of the moment.  Do not want to bore you with details.....just get after it!

Later babes!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

LeG WoRkOuT fRoM HeLL: Kris Gethin's Quad Radical Equation

Guys I found this workout on bodybuilding.com the other day and was sooo excited about getting to do it.  It is not too often that I stumble on a workout that makes me giddy.  This one did.  Watching the video, I knew it was going to be painful, make me want to puke, and completely test every bit of stamina I possess.  It delivered all that and more.  This is on my list of must do leg workouts of all times.  (A bit of caution here:  I don't know about your guys who are carb depleted or seriously dieted down in the last stages of contest prep, it might be better to wait till after your show to give this one a whirl.  Simply I am worried your body may not be able to recover well enough)  OK so you are on your own if you do it.  :) 

With out further ado.......

Make sure you watch the video on the link.  Several exercise need a little more in depth explaining than a simple type out...

Here is the short and sweet version:

Leg Ext
2 warm up sets then
1 X 100 dropset
1 X 60 partials
<2 min rest>
Superset of
Leg press 2 X 56
DB Sissy Sq 2 X 40
<2 min rest>
Superset of w no rest
Hill Squat (Romanian Split Sq) 3 X 20
Hamstring Curls 3 X 15
(these are single leg movements so you will actually feel like you have done 6 sets of ea)
<2 min rest>
Leg ext
1 X 100 dropset
1 X 60 partials

I wish I had someone video me walking to my car after this.  I was one funny looking girl.  By the time I got in the bathtub to soak last night I could already feel the soreness setting in.  This morning I expected not to be able to walk when I got up, but I did get up and do 20 min of treadmill work.  I am pleasantly sore, but not crazy hurting.  I do get DOMS bad, so I expect tomorrow I will need help on and off the potty.  :)