"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails." ~John Maxwell

Monday, October 29, 2012

What I learned last weekend...

Harley's mom has started having a Halloween party each year.  This was last Saturday night.  Harley and I dressed up as Richard Simmons and his trainee.  Not sure how much you can tell by the picture, but I had added a few pounds.  I was wearing a 40DD bra that had at least a 1/2 roll of toilet paper stuffed in each side, a towel duct taped to my rear, one rolled and taped under my boobs, and a bigger one rolled and taped below that, another towel rolled and taped to my lower back, plus multiple layers of sweats.  The pink top I was wearing was a 2X to give you an idea of what size I was.  There were quite a few people there, probably 95% were dressed up, so it was lots of fun.

What I am about to write may offend some, but I really hope it does not, these are my thoughts and realizations after the fact, but none meant to insult, hurt, or in any way act like I am a voice for women everywhere.  These are my thoughts.........

What I learned this weekend:
  • Big boobs aren't so great.  -I was wearing a 40DD, each time I moved my arms, my inner arm would rub against the side of my pretend boobs, it was driving me nuts!  Definitely would not want a pair 40 DD's.  
  • Having "rolls" around my waist limited my range of motion. -Harley had to adjust my inner pants leg and tie my tennis shoes for me because I could not bend over to do it.
  • Having a roll on my back prevented me from sitting in the truck comfortably.  -In fact because of how I had to sit it caused me to have car sickness and develop a slight headache.  (All I can figure here is the angle I was sitting at because of my back roll caused my neck to be a a funny angle)
  • My tummy became a prop.  -Several times during the evening whether sitting or standing I found myself crossing my arms over my tummy.  I am not sure if it was just comfortable or because I was slightly insecure about it.
  • My face became more animated or more important. - I normally smile a bland smile when I take pictures, but I found myself really amping up my smile and facial features all evening.  Because I was acting out a part of the 80's, I had dolled up the makeup very bright, and I found myself noticing how others had a very good knack for makeup, really bringing out their faces.
  • And to top it off, I was COMPLETELY aware of all the "smaller" women in the room.  - My attention was drawn to the smaller, cuter, women.  I felt a little ill at ease around them. 
On a slightly different note, I decided to make my re feed day Saturday instead of Sunday, needless to say that will not happen again because I learned I can not control myself after a cheat on Saturday I want it to continue it on Sunday.....not good!

While walking in Wal-Mart (past a rose display), I realized that LOVE that is expressed differently than the traditional way (ie. buying roses, etc...) is very endearing to me.  Harley rarely buys me flowers, etc...., but the things he says and does mean the world to me.  He has shown me a whole new side of what it means to truly love someone and for it to be something you both have to work at.  Over and over this weekend, he showed me he does love me and I realize I prefer his version to any other's version (ie. buying a woman roses because it requires no effort.)

At the end of the weekend I knew a few more things about myself than when the weekend started. 
One, I do not want to ever let myself get "bigger".  I was uncomfortable in my "skin", self conscious, and very glad at the end of the night I could easily "shed" my pounds.  It really makes me want to do even more for any who wants help losing their weight.  I will not say I understand where they are coming from, because I am quite positive I do not, but I would love to see them "shed" their unwanted weight if that is their true desire. 
Two, I do not have as much control as I like to think I do.  Yes, I can maintain a strict diet as long as everything is planned out, but if I change up my "days" without fully thinking it through, I WILL mess it up.
Three, Harley is so dear to me.  He completes a part of me on a very deep level.  And for all that I think I teach him, he teaches me right back. 

Have a great week guys!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Body Parts

I took these this morning after waking up.  I have a question for you.....is that part between your peck and delt that is below but to the front of your armpit considered your front delt or part of your peck???  I know I should know this and will look it up later if no one answers me, but it is just an "overlooked" body part, IMO.

Many times I get on here to fuss about what I am NOT seeing or NOT happy with on my body, I thought I would share a couple of areas I am seeing improvement and getting happy with.....

Do you see the part I am asking about???  Wish I had a pointer.

The line down my back is getting better, hopefully as I lean out a little more it will become more prominent. 

Have a great weekend you guys!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

And Its Time To Make Yet Another Change

Yep, No, let me rephrase, Wow, I have been carb cycling for 7 full weeks now.  It really does not feel like it has been that long.  As you guys know I am not a weigh-er....meaning I do not obsessively weigh myself each and every day; I am a measure-er.  I measure myself every Thursday morning to see what improvements or not I have made, not made.  For the last couple of weeks, I have known I need to pull the trigger and do something different (meaning I was not dropping in inches like I wanted to see), but wasn't quite ready to do it yet.  To keep this short and more to the point here is my split:
             workout      carb cycle
Mon      Shoulders    Low
Tues      Legs            Low
Wed      Chest/Back Mid
Thurs     Arms          Mid
Fri         Off              Low  
Sat        My cardio     Mid
Sun     Run/walk cardio Refeed

Sometimes I change up my split, or my carb days, or sometimes I may take Sunday off.  Just depends on what all is going on schedule wise, etc...But the workouts always get in and the # of low, mid, and refeed days stay the same.

So, where am I going from here?  As you can see I have avoided cardio as much as I possibly can, as I am no fan.  Well, those days are over.......but still true to myself I am going to add it in on a very limited basis in hopes of making the most gain possible with the least amount of cardio.

I will add in 10 min of cardio (HIIT style) after each weight session, that will give me 40 extra minutes of cardio a week.  Of course after a week, if that is still not enough I will add more.  :(  Boo Hoo...

Yea, yea, I know the rules...........
  1. Workout regularly
  2. Clean up your diet
  3. Add cardio
If results are not where you want them, start over at #1 and work down the list again (wash, rinse, and repeat, you know the drill).  This cycle can take a couple/few times to get right.  Once all is as tight as you can make it and you still want to lose more inches add in a thermo, I only suggest a thermo once ALL of the above can not be perfected anymore.  (I am not there yet- and I probably will not- just my personal choice)

I really want a shirt that says this!  heehe

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Tuesday I, being a day behind, did shoulders.  Since my shoulder workout "looked light" I decided to add a smidgen of chest to it.  Yea, I know generally you would do chest before shoulders, but I care more about getting the most workout I can for my shoulders vs chest right now, so shoulders were trained 1st.

Up & Overs 5 X 10
Ultra Wide Grip SM Shoulder Press 4 X 10
BB Shoulder Press 4 X 10
(Looks painless enough, right?)
Peck Deck 4 X 10
Inc. BB Press 3 X 8
(See smidgen of chest)

Should have been no problems!  Yep, that's what I thought too.  Looked perfectly harmless enough. 
My "freaking" shoulders have NEVER been this sore!  WT!!!!  Mountain DOG is a cruel-cruel lil man!

Let me whine a bit......it hurts to cross my arms in front of my chest, because this feels like the back of my shoulders are about to split in to, it hurts to even think about raising my arms above my head, yea picture how do you blow dry fairly long hair without raising your arms, it hurts to put on or take off a shirt!  Geez, this workout looked like a cake walk!!!  Guys I normally do a minimum of 15 sets for shoulders!  This was a measly 13 sets!!

OK I will quit crying now....or at least that is what I will tell you! 

Sincerely in pain,

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Where My Head At

This will be easier to show you in pics........

You guys know my family is always 1st for me.  It is very rare, if ever, I take time away from them for me.  The last two Saturdays have been totally devoted to my girls Homecomings.  Hannah's 1st and Cierra's last.  Both of my girls were absolutely stunning to me and well worth all that was given up to make it happen.  Harley is my rock.  He is there a lot of the time to catch the "crap" and listen when I need him.  These 3 are my world, none of the rest of this would matter if not for them and their support.

So, I will be 3 weeks on a tight carb cycle as of this Thursday.  This pic was taken last Saturday morning.  I was FLAT!!!!  And not a happy camper.  Yes, I know why I was flat, 2 days of zero to low carbs will do that to your muscles, but I wanted a better (fuller) pic to post, but this is what you get.  My diet is going very well.  The cycle is just what my body responds well to.  It has been tougher this time around as I have been hungrier than normal, but I am so happy to say, I have not cheated.  On Sundays, I have a refeed day.  For those of you who may not be familiar, that is where (according to Jamie Eason), I get to increase my food intake for the day, I guess you could keep your diet in mind, but I do as I please.  My 1st refeed day was on pure simple carbs, this last refeed day was simple carbs with a little more fat.  I am using it to 1.)  Keep my sanity.  2.)  Keep my metabolism from shutting down.  This morning I tried on a skirt I had been refusing to wear because it had been a little too tight snug and I slipped it right on and it was even loose.  Yay!!!

My workouts are beast right now.  I am LOVING all of them!  And ya know how that is not always the case.  This was taken yesterday at the beginning of my chest/shoulders workout, which was a direct pull from www.mountaindogdiet.com .  Absolute great site I have been using to design my workouts lately and they have delivered well!!!  I am no fan of chest workouts, really do not like them, but last week I benched 45's for 8 and I was quite tickled.  Last time I tried to increase my bench was in July and I had done 40's for 6, so it was an improvement, and I will take all I can get.  50's here I come, as soon as I can find a trustworthy spot.  (Hard to come by in my gym)

Geez, I know I don't have to tell you guys how bad the food porn gets when you are on a strict diet, but it consumes me most days.  Since I love to bake that is what I gravitate towards.  Ummm, umm these just might be on Sunday's menu.  :0)

I am soooo wanting to do a Tough Mudder, not sure what that is check out www.toughmudder.com .  Recently, I found someone who has done one and has agreed to let me join in with them the next time they play.  Well that was until they said they want to do a COLD one!  I mean, WTH, does that not look hard enough for ya even in warm weather, that you need to make it more challenging with COLD weather???  Whatever, I am game no matter what the darn weather.  :)  Get you some!

Laters baby!  (That should tell you what books I am just finishing) 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Fotos

This was on my mind this morning........


We all face issues each day, learn and grow from them....

A steal from Pfitblog.com.....thanks!