"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails." ~John Maxwell

Monday, July 30, 2012

Cutting fats

Just a quick note here- for the longest I have been "eating clean" with the occasional cheat........  Mostly what that meant for me was controlling my carb intake and having all the protein and fats pretty much I wanted.  With me being forever in the search of what I can do day in and day out with no serious effort, measuring, obsessing, etc... on my part, because let's face this, my diet for me is what I eat EVERYDAY, not just something I do for 3 months, I DO NOT WANT TO obsess over it.  It should be something I can virtually do every single day without having to count, rethink, and worry over.  It is fairly easy for me to eat and stay at or below 75-80 carbs a day, most days even lower than that unless I am cheating.  I can do that with no probs, but it is not giving me the results I want, so on to PLAN B.  When I was much younger, still very health conscious, but not lifting weights, I would cut fats when I wanted to change my body.  It always worked for me.  Now that my lifestyle is still very health conscious, in fact even more so, and I lift weights, I have decided to cut fats once again.  For some reason I keep reading several "fitness minds" saying Fats are Fats, your body will still store it as such, if not used.  So starting Saturday I upped my carbs drastically and decreased my fats drastically.  I thought I would "cry" over the loss of fats, since they are my favorite, but it didn't even bother me.  

(Just another little note here........I am not looking to necessarily lose weight, I am hoping to restructure my body with more muscle and less fat, so if that means my weight increases, I have no problems with that.) 

I know this is kind of gross, but for some of you who read my blog and are still concerned with your weight # vs. how you look naked or in clothes, consider this:

What 5 pounds of fat looks like vs. 5 pounds of muscle.......

This is why I do not care how much I weigh, currently 155 lbs, vs. having less fat on my body.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Week review in pics

OK, I may or may not have literally looked like this Wednesday while on the phone with a long term client who finally pushed me to my edge......

And again, I may or may not have had a gas issue this week since I have started taking DIM Plus again.  It's really embarrassing!

At one point this week, it crossed my mind to take some time off.....
needless to say, that IS NOT AN OPTION!

Yes, I have have a tough week with diet, while much better, still struggling some.
I keep telling myself that everyday I get stronger and even might resist those Quaker Dipped bars with my spoonful of natural peanut butter after my workout.....

And finally, definitely last, but not least.  I can remember about a year ago or so having Harley spot me while benching 40's.  Yesterday I pulled up my big girl panties and benched 40's for 6 with no help.  Can you say I WILL be benching 45's next week!  Heck yea!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vacation Pics

We planned a picture day....but weather was so if'y from one hour to the next we took pics on the fly.....

My babies are soon to pass me up.....or so they think  ;)

Us girls!

Me and you know who.....

Cierra and I at the beach alone on day......

See Cierra in the background? 

I have several "nice" pics on my Intragram account.  I am under "Dreamingofarnold" of course.  :)

And how my 1st workout after getting back looked like:

Like my Gulf Shores tank? 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Measurements and other

We leave in the morning for the beach and I can hardly wait!  My kids are not even near as excited as I am.  My thought was to lose a couple more inches before I left, but that didn't happen.  My diet, while being very good, was not near tight enough to make the changes.  I want to input here that I am in no way upset or even disappointed over this.  For the longest now, my workouts have been spot on, my cardio has been increased, and my overall diet is clean.  I am healthy, strong, lean, and for the most part stress free.  What else can I ask for with what I am doing?  If I want a full 6 pack I would have to tighten up my diet a bit more and honestly I am content with the slow but progress-ful changes my body is making.  So I plan to keep on my slow and steady path till September at least.  Then watch all of you who think I am too muscular now, because "you ain't seen nothin' yet"! 
I plan to post some pics from vacation after we get back, but here are some from yesterday.
Ignore the full trash can by the toilet, I know I need to find a better place to take pics.   :0)

Yes, I had just finished working out, hence the sweaty shorts......One thing I have to say here, Hannah, my youngest daughter was taking this picture for me and said, "Momma, it looks like you have butterfly wings on your back".  For those of you who know, I was on Cloud 100!  I can see them, she could see them, but I guess because of the crappy lighting in my bathroom, you can not see them.  One day they will show up in pictures!  :)

Have a great week!  I will be out till next Tuesday!

Friday, July 13, 2012

My week in pictures

In no particular order......
I have felt strong this week and may have thought this at times......  :D

We ALL go through things and when I am going through something tough I always try to remind myself it won't last long, just keep going...

Enough said.....

Amen!  This week I struggled with diet....my mind wanted a thousand things it knew it shouldn't have; I won the battle....

For me this applied to my relationships, work, diet, just about all aspects of my life this week....

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Muscle & Fitness Article

I get emails from different magazines with fitness realted articles.  Some I read, lots I delete without reading, very few hold my attention.  This one called How Belly Fat Attacks, really held my attention and was a very good read.  It reminded me of a few things, taught me a few things, and broke down a few things into easier to understand material.  Thanks Muscle & Fitness for a great read!

Monday, July 2, 2012

16 Days Until Vacation and 2 in. have to go

If you have been with me for a while you will know I had a goal last year before vacation to lose 5 lbs.  You can read the post here I Did It.  Well this year, I have decided I don't care about the weight rather the inches.  This is going to be a doozy!  I, in all my infinate wisdom, decided on a total loss of 2 inches. 
The goal:
.5 in. off waist
1 in.  off hips
.5 in. off thighs
2.0 inches
Doesn't sound bad!  I have 16 days to do it.  AND that will give me a total loss of 5.5 inches off for the Summer!  yay!  That is what I am more excited about. 

Can't wait for this view:

My babies they are just a little bit bigger now.  :)