"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails." ~John Maxwell

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shout Out to Promotingrealwomen.blogspot.com

I just mentioned jillfit.com on my blog the other day, so it was like icing on the cake to open up my dashboard this morning and see "Promoting Real Women" had blogged about one of the Jill Fit atheletes.  I must say after all I have read him post this one blows me away.  Her name is Jillian Teta and she is beautiful.  Her legs are AMAZING!  Check her out on his blog if you get a chance.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hand Adjusted PLYO:

My workout this morning:
(Completed 3 times through)
box jump 20
pile squat to platform 20
jump squat 20
side to side spacers 20
split lunges 20
step up w kickbacks 15 ea leg
reverse lunge 30
deep walking lunge 28
single leg squat on platform 15 ea leg

I enjoy my PLYO days.  Today I moved much faster through the workout and really got quite a sweat going.  My legs seem to be getting stronger as the moves come easier. 

Here is my new split with heavy concentration on legs as that is about all I can do:
Sunday Legs weights with Harley
Monday Chest/Back (this consists of hypers, butterflys, & glute/ham ext) and 45 min step mill
Tuesday PLYO
Wednesday AM Cardio (incline tread) PM legs weights
Thursday AM Bootay and cardio 45 min step mill
Friday AM chest/back PM Cardio (incline tread & step mill)
Saturday AM PLYO and shoulders

Should have done another shoulder day (only one machine I can do, and I have to go to Don's to do it).  Will find time to add it in at some point this week.

Diet changed too.  Still carb cycling.  Schedule is 2 days low carb, 1 day mid carb, 2 days low carb, 1 day high carb.

Have a wonderful day guys!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Great website...

I can not remember who turned me on to this site, so please forgive me if it was you, but it is by far the most informative I have read in a while:


Click on her Philosphy and Articles tab.....some great articles to read.  Lots of explanations to back up old school theories as well as new schools of thought towards training and diet.


For all my friends who support me when I have needed you most!

Hey guys, thought I would let you know I am better.  Much thanks to Harley!  He has a way with me when I am in the dumps.  Saturday morning I went to Don's and worked with my sister and cousin.  We did a PLYO routine, great sweat and lots of fun.  Then I worked with my sister on upper body before her husband completely distracted her.  I swear I am going to ban him from the gym when I work with her.  You would swear they are 16 and 17 again (after almost 20 years of marriage!  :)  Then my honey took me to eat and see a movie.  Lincoln Lawyer, very good!  Sunday morning breakfast is getting to be tradition at my house.  I try to go all out for all my babies, the only one I had this Sunday was Harley, so I catered to him.  (Missed my other babies though)  Sunday afternoon, Harley took me to my gym and DELIVERED a great leg workout.  I had fussed at him only doing 4 exercises with me for legs last week....something about I didn't feel like I had really done anything or rather I felt like I could do more.  WELL, needless to say, he said, you asked, so here you go baby.  Sometime during leg presses with 7 plates, down for 3 sec then explosive shoot to the top, I was crying out from the pain.  And just when I thought I was done, he decided to make it a drop set for complete burnout.  He has such a vicious bag of tricks and his new name is EVIL!  (Love you baby)  WE finished up or rather I finished up somehow and went on for 30 min on stepmill followed with incline tread walking/running.  (Slowly starting to love the incline tread, so many ways to make it killer)  :)

I am still in the thinking process of whether I will post progress pics this weekend.  One, I will be 14 weeks out, two, my training and diet have not been as strict as before, so not sure what to expect.  PLUS, who wants to see a 35 year old granny?  :0)  It's my BDay Saturday!  So we'll see.

Here is something I thought might inspire those of you about to compete in the next few weeks.  By the way, I am so proud of you guys and so excited for you!!!  I can not wait to read about how you nailed your competitions and to see the final pictures.  Thanks for letting me share your journey, it has been a great ride.

I just love the sheer beauty of this shot!  Her arms, obliques, and the fact that it is not "posey".

Friday, March 25, 2011

Not sure what to call this

Again, because I said in the beginning I would "keep it real" on here and let you guys know my thoughts/ feelings, good and bad, I am going to share this, otherwise I would not.
This week has been challenging to say the least.  My mood has mostly been crapy.  My emotions are all over the place.  And I am still hurting.  I guess I think I am superwoman and these things should not get to me and all that jazz.  Well not true.  I have gained 3 pounds this week, gained on my measurements, and do not have my 4 pack showing anymore.  Yes, I am still working out and as I explained to someone yesterday, the loss of one hand makes a world of difference in my workouts.  Forget being able to work any upper body, I have accepted that.  Just think about what you use your hands for in lower body exercises or in cardio.  Examples:  leg extensions, when I go heavy I have to grip, well that is out, leg press, I like to place my hands in fists between my legs on heavy sets and push, well that is out, running on the tread, when I come out of a run I grab the handles to steady myself as the tread slows down, that is out- plus I am so scared I might really hurt myself if I stumble, no db for lunges, no box jumps because again I am scared I will lose balance or miss the box, no ab work with my 12 lb med ball, just can not hold it with one hand, guys this list could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.  So this is what I have to accept for at least another 2 weeks, I realize that, but tell my heart, which was 100% into this, to not hurt over my loss.  It is not possible.  Even though I have decided to do another show in July, it is hard for me to get into the same frame of mind.  The only thing I can compare what I am feeling to is a mourning period.  Yes, I realize I have to move on and I thought I had somewhat, but I guess I have not.  Today makes one week since my accident and I pray all these feelings will leave me over the weekend and I can get down to business next week because I hate feeling this way.

Because I want to end this on a happy note I wanted to share some things this week which have made me happy:
Hannah bringing the computer in the kitchen this morning playing Black Eye Peas "Dirty Bit" -she and I jam out to that one, so I danced a little and it made me feel better.
Finding out my cousin dead lifted 135 for 8 reps yesterday, I am so proud.
Realizing I could have broke two hands, but didn't.
My cat and dog, TK and Rambo, loving on eachother in the hallway the other morning.
My ex fellow competitor getting a decent night's sleep with some help from me.
Harley snuggling with me on the couch Wednesday before he had to go to work.  (I felt like the picture of the kitties below, so warm and relaxed- I love you Harley)

And that I got a got sweat on the stepmill last night.

It will get better and it could be much worse.  I am thankful it is only temporary. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New workout split

Guys the ortho confirmed it is broke yesterday.  Snapped above the wrist on the 5th metacarpal.  I am ok with everything.  I have accepted it and am ready to move on.  My plans now are to compete in the state show in Lafayette July 9th, and this show is a National Qualifier!  Whoo hoo!!  Not my intention to jump to this type of show right off, but hey, who knows, like some have told me, things happen for a reason.  As I see it, at 16 weeks out, I am way ahead of the game.  My doctor even said I could modify my exercises enough to still work the muscles, but no weights in hands for at least 3 week.  At the 3 week mark he said I should be able to use machines and push open handed.  (Wow, he is exactly what I was looking for, plus he knows my gym because his son works the front counter!) 

So, with that being said here is what I will be doing until...
Sunday:  Legs weights with Harley (heavy as possible, just can not grip anything to get extra grunt power :)
Monday:  cardio (all cardio sessions are 45 min)
Tuesday:  cardio
Wednesday:  Cardio AM / Legs weights (lighter) PM
Thursday:  Bootay, Abs, and cardio
Friday:  AM cardio/ PM PLYO
Saturday:  AM Back and Chest(mostly butterflies and hypers, modify like crazy......), Abs

Diet and supplements will remain as was for now.  Only thing is I find since this happened I am craving fats; peanut butter and nuts, so I am giving in a little on this till the urge passes.  Harley said it is probably my body freaking out over all that has happened, so I am not going to deny myself an extra scoop of peanut butter and a handful of nuts if that is what it wants.  :)  Now if this continues past a couple more days, I will have to take the upper hand, but not now.  haha

Thank you guys for the well wishes, you are the best!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Thank you!

Thank all of you for your positive thoughts and well wishes.  This evening I will go see an ortho and see what my plan of action will be.  I asked for a forward thinking doctor who is not going to want to immediately cast me and out of the group the nurse recommended this one.  (keeping my fingers crossed)  The pain and swelling is much less today.  So maybe this will be a somewhat speedy recovery.  *sigh*
Anywho, I am still dieting and exercising.  Although honestly I did have a bit of a pity party with some animal crackers and peanut butter Saturday evening.  Sunday morning I did 45 min incline tread and around noon did a leg workout with my trainer/jack of all trades, Harley.  While there, we looked around for stuff I "can" do.......not much, but I think I might be able to do some lower back and chest stuff of course legs and cardio.  If you think of a way to modify for shoulders, bis or tris please let me know.

Thanks to all of you for your support!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

100th post and 9 weeks out! (life is not always what you intended)

This is what I had prepared to post today, brfore my accident:
Going to have a cheat meat today at Buffalo Wild Wings can hardly wait!  OMG, I am going to pig out. 
Then we are all off to see Paul.

Updates on measurements and weight:

I hope you guys are going to have a great Saturday!

Here is what changed:

My lovely road rash

My broke hand

 And my badly bruised, swollen knees.

I went out to do some cardio yesterday in the beautiful weather, roller blading, something I have been doing since I was 16.  Here I should probably tell you yes it hurt, very bad, thought I was going to pass out several times, but when Cierra, my daughter said, but momma what about....., I had a moment of pure pain.  It really can not be put in words, just those of you who have been preparing for a show over the last 9-11 weeks knows what all flashed in my mind.  Pure frustration, hurt, anger, and more pain than I have felt in a very long time.  At the ER I tried to keep it together and kept telling myself it wasn't broke even though I knew in my heart it was without a doubt.  After several hours, the FNP came in my room and confirmed my biggest fear.  It is broke and she thinks recovery time will be 6-8 weeks.  Guys, I lost it.  Cried hard. 
Somewhere on the walk out of the hospital I thought, well my Shreveport show is out, but there is always Baton Rouge a few weeks later.........
I do not know exactly what the game plan is right now, but I will see the orthopedic doctor on Monday and depending on his plan of action, get right back to my training schedule ASAP.
I did not train any today, but did meet my sister, cousin, and a friend at Don's and walked them through a routine.  They all did well.  And yes, I did get my cheat meal at BWW and then was off to the movies.  Had a great day with my family. 

This is going to be a minor set back, nothing more. 


Thursday, March 17, 2011

To back up what I said earlier...

This is part of an interview with Ali Rosen, IFBB Bikini Pro, and the staff at jimmysmithtraining,com regarding her glutes:

4) What has been the most frustrating area for you to train? How have you approached it to bust through your plateau?

My glutes. To overcome my plateau and desire to reshape my glutes I have added in more plyometrics and interval training into my cardio sessions. I also designate one day a week to just glute training and have two other days where I will mix in 2-3 glutes exercises.

Again, just saying.... :)

Arms like Erin Stern's

Yesterday's back & bi was quite nice!  I started off with deadlifts and used more weight than I have ever and felt strong for once instead of being worried about my lower back.  During my one arm rows, I worked up to 60lb db and was thinking to myself it would be neat to see just how much I could row.  (I am seriously considering working on olympic moves during my 1st off season....moving big weights makes me happy :0)
I must say here a guy in my gym once told me that figure competitions were won by the girls with the best backs and hams and that he had never seen anyone train their bis like I did.  Well one, I do not think there are many figure competitors in my gym for him to have any experience with and two, he must not have ever seen a figure girl working out weeks from a competition, because every video I watch, those girls have some guns on them.  Maybe he was/is confused about figure vs bikini.  All of that to say, my guns were out in full effect yesterday and momma was proud.  (Let the "men" say what they will, strong arms are sexy in my book)

This morning I did 45 min of cardio and I plan to go to the gym when I get off this evening to do my "boo-tay & ab" workout.  (Harley thinks I have lost it-my mind that is-, but again, who has been watching the vidoes and reading the mags of all the pros (females) and who has not...)  I would rather do more and fall short than not enough and always wonder if I had done more would I have done better.  (Just saying)

On a final note, I want you guys to know I AM LOVING THIS!!!!  For once, I feel completely in my zone and comfortable with what I am doing.  At peace with whatever may happen and looking forward to the adventure more than ever.  Yesterday I told someone, this is my 1st competition, and I have no expectations, but watch out next year because with a fully prepared off season, I plan to be beast!!! 

What do you think her arms look like in the gym when she is pumped?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No time to post

Sorry guys,  I feel as if I have been absent lately.  All of my computer time has gone to placing orders for contest "stuff" the last couple of days. 
Hooker hills- done
Bikini Bite - done
DIM - done
Jan Tana supplies - done

Still have suit & make up to go.  Suit in a couple of weeks and makeup hopefully soon.  
Today's workout:
AM 45 min cardio
PM Back and Bis (looking forward to this one because I had to "go light" last week and I am dying for some deadlifts!)

Then, off to grocery shop!!  Oh boy, goodie, please can I go?  (ugh)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Blood Typing Diet

I have not had nearly enough time to research this yet, but what I have read so far has impressed me.  If you get a chance look into it.  If you already have please give me your opinion.

Training for today:
Shoulders in the AM (done)
Cardio in the PM (looking forward to)

This morning was probably the 1st morning I looked at my shoulders and was happy about what I saw.   Getting seriously pumped about getting closer to my 1st show.  :)

One day my shoulders will look like this.  :0)  JK!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just saying....

I leg pressed 10 plates today for 11 reps!!!!! Very excited about how my legs are going to shape up with Harley standing over me.  He is a very talented trainer and I am so lucky to have him on my side.

Also, just to give you guys an update:  I weighed in at 135 today.  (Overall weight lost since starting this is 17 lbs.)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

10 weeks out today!

Went to Don's and worked with my sister, Chris, and my mom this morning.  My mom really surprised me, I looked up and she was going at it with dumbbells ans then on some machines.  I enjoy working with them and talking about diet and the changes they are making.  Chris' diet is probably more strict then mine. :)  She and Jeff, her husband, have made so many changes and are looking great.  I am very excited to see where all of them go with this.

Then I went to my gym to do chest and tris.  Had a good workout.  Finished with 45 min of cardio.  My new friend and fellow competitor, Gina, was in the gym too.  She looks amazing!  A beautiful woman, inside and out.  I am fortunate to have her in my corner.  Of course I want to do well, but I will be cheering her on to do well too. 

Today I am watching bits of Pumping Iron.  All I can say is that is one BEAUTIFUL man.  (After my Harley of course)  I plan to go out and get a little sun here in a few.  I have looked forward to this all week!
Qoute from Arnold:  "I don't have any weak points."  How can you not smile when you hear things like that? 

I want to say thanks to all the supportive comments the past couple of days.  It means a lot to me that you guys are reading this and offering support.  You guys are like my 2nd family. 

OK, out for me just as soon as I finish a little more Arnold.  WOW!!!!!! 

Friday, March 11, 2011

10 weeks out!

Today I wanted to walk you through my train of thoughts.  Since this blog was designed to give anyone reading it true insight to what I am going through on my journey to the stage, I think it is important you know what all went through my mind this morning.

3:30AM Got up, took Rambo out, got dressed, drove to gym.

4:00AM Got to gym, got my little room set up and did a 300 routine which was a mixture of the 1st and 2nd ones.  (Was struggling to get through it, felt weak and tired) Finished off with some Ab work.

5:40AM Got home, was getting ready to get in the shower, thought I want to "just see" what my measurements are.  (The only mover was my thighs.)  Turned around so I could see my "ass" in the mirror, got majorly disappointed.  "It" is still not stage ready.  What else can I possibly do to improve my weakest link?  I do one day of leg weight training (heavy), a PLYO day, a 300 workout, a "booty" workout, and 6 days a week of 45 minute cardio sessions, with PLENTY of those involving the step mill.  WTH!!!! 
As you can imagine, I was just about defeated at that point.  So, I stepped in the shower and got to thinking about how my sister brought me the "Pumping Iron" video with Arnold and how I would be all alone on Saturday and maybe it would do me a ton of good to watch the KING OF CONFIDENCE.  Maybe it would pick me up somewhat.  Still not feeling any better and beating myself up in a major way, even thinking I should not do the show because there is no way I will be ready.  I got out of the shower and for some reason it hit me.....I am 10 weeks out, not only am I 10 weeks out, I have been doing this for 10 weeks, so I am exactly half way this Saturday.  All of a sudden my whole line of thinking changed!!   I have come a LONG way in 10 weeks and I still have another 10 weeks to go.  Plus, Harley has agreed to train me in person on Sundays for legs, and I know with him over me there will be crazy improvements there.  Then, to top off my little pity/recovery session, I found a pair of size 6 skinny jeans in my closet the night before and had pulled them out intending to try to wear them to work this morning.  (In the back of my mind I was thinking they would probably fit, but be snug)  When they just slid on and were baggy on me that was the icing on the cake.  I have been happy since.  (Ended up seeing spots and had to take Excedrin migraine med, but all is well) 

All of that to say, even when people in the gym are saying things to me like, "are you afraid you are going to peak too soon" or "you are so far along right now, you can probably just cruise on in from here" etc... I see something completely different when I look in the mirror, I am definitely my own worse and harshest critic, and it is sooo hard for me to give myself any praise, much less to consider turning the volume down any at this point.  Maybe you have made changes and are not happy with what you have done or have forgotten where you once were.  I am here to tell you, you've got this!  You can do it, and will!  Just hang in there, maybe it is another 10 weeks like me or whatever timeline you have set for yourself, just know you will get there.  Don't give up and for sure do not throw in the towel. 

Summer is almost here baby!  And it is almost Saturday Arnold time!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Am I overtraining/ed

I am a bit worried, not willing to turn the tempo down yet, but willing to consider it as something that needs to be looked into. 

So, I have started at least researching, this is what I have found so far:


Common Warning Signs and Symptoms of Overtraining Syndrome

  • Washed-out feeling, tired, drained, lack of energy (comes and goes)
  • Mild leg soreness, general aches and pains (just started this week)
  • Pain in muscles and joints (have always had lower back and shoulder pain)
  • Sudden drop in performance (No)
  • Insomnia (Been getting worse, having to take things to help me sleep and stay asleep)
  • Headaches (yes, and getting more frequent)
  • Decreased immunity increased number of colds, and sore throats (No, knock on wood, I try to prevent as best I can) 
  • Decrease in training capacity / intensity (No, I only did a lighter back workout today because of lower back pain)
  • Moodiness and irritability (Only when I am hungry)
  • Depression (No, quite happy and excited about competition)
  • Loss of enthusiasm for the sport (no, more excited every day)
  • Decreased appetite (Lord No, could eat an entire jar of peanut butter on Que) :)
  • Increased incidence of injuries. (Other than my recent leg cramps no, not increased, the same as always)
  • A compulsive need to exercise (Yes, most definitely)

What am I going to do:  (Probably starting in the morning)

Another way to test recover to use something called the orthostatic heart rate test, developed by Heikki Rusko while working with cross country skiers. To obtain this measurement:
  • Lay down and rest comfortably for 10 minutes the same time each day (morning is best).
  • At the end of 10 minutes, record your heart rate in beats per minute.
  • Then stand up
  • After 15 seconds, take a second heart rate in beats per minute.
  • After 90 seconds, take a third heart rate in beats per minute.
  • After 120 seconds, take a fourth heart rate in beats per minute.
Well rested athletes will show a consistent heart rate between measurements, but Rusko found a marked increase (10 beats/minutes or more) in the 120 second-post-standing measurement of athletes on the verge of overtraining. Such a change may indicate that you have not recovered from a previous workout, are fatigued, or otherwise stressed and it may be helpful to reduce training or rest another day before performing another workout.

In the meantime:
If you suspect you are overtraining, start with the following:
  • Rest and Recover. Reduce or stop exercise and allow yourself a few days of rest. (No)
  • Hydrate, Drink plenty of fluids and alter your diet if necessary. (Yes, had already thought to do this one)
  • Get a sports massage. This may help relax you mentally and physically. (Considering it this weekend)
  • Begin Cross Training. This often helps athletes who are overworking certain muscles or suffering from mental fatigue. (Already do this)
I will let you know the results of the test above.  Will be kind of interesting.

Monday, March 7, 2011

OK It's Official

I must win the Arnold in order to meet him. 

If you have not had a chance to look at the pics from the Arnold, check them out.  I like flexonline.com
Nicole's posing was absolute perfection!  So was she. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Legs today with Harley

Harley went into the gym with me today to train me in person!  I would list the workout, but somewhere in there probably somewhere around leg pressing 6 plates for 50 reps in a row (just one of my 4 sets), I lost all brain power and function.  From that moment on I was trying to not fall over, down, puke, collapse, or pass out.  Wow, I had forgotten what it was like to have a trainer stand over me and say, no, give me 5 more, or in Harley's case, give me 30 more in 5 rep intervals.  :) 
It was by far the best leg workout I have had in a while, so he decided I have been slacking off (as if) and from now on he will be with me on Sundays to completely brutalize my legs.  How can I not love a man like that?

As my diet goes, I changed up my diet last week and after one full week I dropped 3 pounds, so per Harley's request I have taken today to carb back up.  Back to normal diet tomorrow.

My tip:
If you have not considered a trainer, beginner or veteran, I say one every now and then is a great idea.  They can help you break out of your rut or get you moving in the right direction. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

~11 weeks out~

Woke up this morning excited to get in the gym.  For today I am scheduled to do back, bis, and abs.  Abs is a make up from yesterday, but it is so nice to have no cardio to do today.  (I did it yesterday)  My back day is one of my favorite workouts.  Harley has been delivering exactly what I ask for, BRUTAL. AS if I could not get any more excited, I just talked to Harley and we are going to meet up at his gym at 10:15 and workout at the same time.  So, not only do I get a chance to improve one of my favorite parts, but I will also get to look across the gym as some delicious eye candy!!  It can not get any better than that.  :)
Here is the plan for today:
Rack pullups 4 X 10
Deadlift 5 X 5
One arm row 4 X 8
Underhand pulldown 4 X 10
Hammer curl 3 X 15
Incline curl 3 X 10

Oh, and did I mention I am 11 weeks out!  On fire, can't wait, oh yea!

A beauty for you :

It was 6:30 am when I took this shot, so peaceful and beautiful, I could not resist.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Spartacus workout (300 workout)

I was using the old version of the 300 (movie) workout as one of my cardio days, but I got an email the other day from my Men's Fitness subscription that included the new Spartacus workout.  The lady who developed this did for the new "Spartacus:  Gods of the Arena" prequel.  What amazed me was the fact that a woman designed this workout......Way to Go!  I have not had a chance to look into her yet, but intend to later.

It is a kick butt routine and I enjoyed it as something different.  Worked up quite a sweat, which I always love.  It would not make much sense to list the workout here without all of the pics to explain the moves.  So, go online and search for this workout on the Men's Fitness site and enjoy!  www.mensfitness.com
*To be honest though, the 1st version was much more intense than this 2nd one.  I may do a mixture of the two.

Speaking of enjoy, I took the spin class last night and as I walked out I told the instructor it was fun, thanks.  I think that must have been a 1st for her.  :) 

Also, because it is Friday and I am all amped on Spartacus I thought I would share a little Arnold with you. 

I highly doubt there will be anyone on this new series who can remotely compare with the orginal. 

Last night I told Harley I was going to win the Arnold one day just so I would be able to meet my man as he hands me the trophy. 

Who cares about the Olympia, it's the Arnold for me!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Research, Cruise control, Workouts, & a Peeve

Today's "blog" is going to be fairly random because well that is how my thoughts are today.  Call it however you want, but getting about 6 1/2 hours of sleep and coming off of 3 low carb days in a row has me a bit scattered.  (Please do not think I am complaining, because a really twisted part of me is LOVING it)

This week's research for me has been all about "the last week".  You know all the water intake, water cutoff, sodium issue, carb depletion, carbing up, etc...  Whatever did we do before the internet?  I have found several great articles on how to and how not to do that week.  Of course I can not say for certain how I will play it out right now, but I am heavily leaning on the least invasive safe way.  What I can tell you for certain is everyone in the industry has a different take on this and Lord knows what works for one person may or may not work for another.  So, true to form for me I am planning "run thoughs" in April to see how MY body responds. 

Here I want to say THANK YOU to those in my gym yesterday who made me feel like I am actually getting somewhere with this.  It is always a great feeling to have others confirm you are at least heading down the right track and are making visable progress.  All three mentioned cruising on in at the rate I am going.  WOW, you made my day!  (There is NO cruise control for me, just wide open)  :)  As everyone knows there are lots of people in the gym day in and day out.  Honestly, I do not notice many people.  It is not because I am snobbish or anything of the sort; it is simply because I am always in such a hurry.  I brag ALOT about a certain class of guys who work out at my gym who never cease to impress me, and please do not take this the wrong way, it is the over 40 years old crowd.  Never have I seen a class of over 40 who are in as excellent shape and can do and do do what these guys do.  Truly, it is extremely impressive and I give them props each and every time I get a chance.  Aside from my over 4o group there are a couple of younger ones I watch to see what they are doing because I am always looking to learn and these 2 guys "look" the part.  So again, THANK YOU to my guys in the gym, one who encourage me, two who give me room, and three who I learn from.

Yesterday's workout consisted of 20 min on the elliptical and 10 min incline tread in the AM.  Then in the PM I went to the gym for PLYO followed by 15 min on the step mill.  I added 2 more exercises and increased the weight to my plyo routine from last week to increase the intensity.  It is a BEAUTIFUL workout.  Hopefully going to help bring my legs out soon.

A peeve of mine I need to get cleared up......For my family who thinks I am doing this for some crazy reason because of or for Harley.  Let's just all be crystal clear, not no, but HE!! NO!  One, if you even remotely know how "hard" this is then you would have no doubts at all that someone could not ever do what I am doing for anyone other than themselves.  Two, if you know anything about me at all other than the surface level then you should know I have built up to this my entire life and I am now in a position to make it happen.  Three, Harley is very proud of me and supports me fully, but would love and support me if I decided to end this today.  He is only in this for me and helps me because I ask him to.  This is a passion we both share and one of the things that brought us together, but is not what keeps us together.  As I tell him, he is the paw paw to my maw maw.  So, please know I am doing this because it is a dream of mine since I was 15 years old.  You all know my life story and how difficult it would have been to ever do this before now with all my life drama.  I love you guys!

Now, it is a beautiful day here in the deep south.  Take advantage of it and get outside (as one of the trainers at my gym) and get moving! 

If you don't use it, you lose it!  

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I just want to be there already...

I know, slow and steady, but I am READY ALREADY!  ;)
For those of you competing or who have competed, what are you or have you done for you tan?

Have a great hump day!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A day in the life :)

I thought about how crazy my schedule seems this morning and thought I would share. 
AM 3:30 up, get dressed for the gym and take my dog outside
3:45 Prep chicken (for the next few days) and put in oven to cook
4:05 In CY gym to do cardio:  30 min step mill & 15 min spin bike
4:50 "Booty" exercises (Cable kickbacks, Reverse Hypers, Abd & Abb machine, and Leg press with ass. pullup mach.)
5:30 Home, shower, pack meals 2-5, put clothes in dryer, tend to cat & dog, pack for ballgame tonight, get dressed for work, wake Hannah up, fix my breakfast, fix Hannah's breakfast, take a small meal of vitamins and such, unload dishwasher, pull chicken out of oven to cool, load up all of my bags and leave to take Hannah to school and go to work.
7:45 Work till 3:00, go pick up Hannah from school, go back to work until 4:30.
4:30 Leave to go to Cierra's 5:00 softball game.
6:30 Head home with girls.
7:00 Get home, make sure girls eat dinner, tend to cat and dog, unpack all my bags, put clothes on to wash, bag chicken and cook veggies, get ready for bed.
9:00 Bed (hopefully) 

Funny how we manage to fit in exactly what we want into our day.  If it is important we WILL find time to make it happen.
Are you making it happen?  Could you lose 30 minutes of sleep to go workout?  Could you use your lunch break to go for a walk?  Or could you get your household "started" in the afternoon then pop in a workout video while dinner is cooking?  What are you doing for yourself? 

If momma is not happy, nobody is happy!  :)